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journal paper, indexed by WoS, indexed by Scopus

2020 (1 publication)

  1. PDBe-KB consortium, David Hoksza, Radoslav Krivák, Petr Škoda. PDBe-KB: a community-driven resource for structural and functional annotations, Nucleic Acids Research, 48(D1), pp.: D344–D353, Oxford Journals, ISSN: 1362-4962, 2020

2019 (1 publication)

  1. Lukáš Jendele, Radoslav Krivák, Petr Škoda, Marian Novotný, David Hoksza. PrankWeb: a web server for ligand binding site prediction and visualization, Nucleic Acids Research, Oxford Journals, ISSN: 1362-4962, 2019

2018 (2 publications)

  1. Radoslav Krivák, David Hoksza. P2Rank: machine learning based tool for rapid and accurate prediction of ligand binding sites from protein structure, Journal of Cheminformatics, 10(39), Springer, ISSN: 1758-2946, 2018

  2. Radoslav Krivak, Lukáš Jendele, David Hoksza. Peptide-Binding Site Prediction From Protein Structure via points on the Solvent Accessible Surface, Computational Structural Bioinformatics Workshop, ACM-BCB, ACM, 2018

2017 (1 publication)

  1. Radoslav Krivák, David Hoksza. Improving quality of ligand-binding site prediction with bayesian optimization, IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), IEEE, 2017

2015 (2 publications)

  1. Radoslav Krivák, David Hoksza. Improving protein-ligand binding site prediction accuracy by classification of inner pocket points using local features, Journal of Cheminformatics, 7(1), Chemistry Central, ISSN: 1758-2946, 2015

  2. Radoslav Krivák, David Hoksza. P2RANK: knowledge-based ligand binding site prediction using aggregated local features, AlCoB, Mexico City, Mexico, pp.: 41-52, Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-21232-6, 2015