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In commercial database platforms, the standard search over multiple attributes is provided by B+-tree (or it’s variants) with compound keys. On the other hand, such systems provide also multidimensional indexing, however, just for spatial purposes (such as GIS or CAD applications) and use special data types and querying syntax. Our solution allows to apply R-tree index (hence multi-dimensional indexing structure) in the same way as B+-tree with compound keys is applied. The solution is delivered as a plugin for PostgreSQL database.


  • No need for redefinition of tables or adding a column with special data type.
  • Faster than using B-tree based indexing.
  • Implemented using open-source DB.
  • Experimentally verified speed-up considering standard solutions (such as B+-tree)



  • You can download the plugin and documentation here.
  • The application needs PostgreSQL v. 8.1 (Windows version can be downloaded here).