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Teaching UK

Bachelor and diploma thesis topics

  • Detection of events in video (deep learning approaches)
  • Interactive video search tools (e.g., new interfaces for ranked set exploration)
  • Video search performance analytics (e.g., analysis of search logs and data mining)
  • Visualization of multimedia data (e.g., 3D organization of images)
  • Image presentation video with audio synchronization
  • Video search competition evaluation server


Video retrieval

  1. Introduction to video formats (MP4, AVC/HEVC, AAC)
  2. Basic similarity search models (similarity, descriptors, shot detection, DCNNs)
  3. Multi-modal search (fusion, text-image search using W2VV++ and CLIP)
  4. Interactive search (indexing, visualization, feedback, interfaces)
  5. Evaluation campaigns


Transactions (useful links)

  1. Concurrency Control and Recovery in Database Systems
  2. Principles of Distributed Database Systems
  3. Principles of Transaction Processing, 2nd Edition